A history of traditions…

A passion for flavour

Since 1940, we have been working for the world of tomorrow.

For three generations the Casillo family has been leading an entrepreneurial adventure that, today, represents  reality in the national and international market.

Soleo products are present in the main retail and supermarket chains thanks to a quality standard obtained from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, as well as from careful controls during processing and transformation. Our goal is also above all to preserve the nutritional values of our products in the time between harvesting and final consumption.

Our products

We have a rich offer for every table

Dried Fruit

Dozens of varieties...

...rom all over the world

Dehydrated Fruit

A party of colors...

...and flavours

Dried Legumes

A thousand and one...

...nutritional properties

Fruits and legumes from the world for the world.

A continuous search for colors, fragrances and novelties.

At Soleo, we have always been attentive to the opportunities of aconstantly growing and evolving market; of a world that is becoming smaller and smaller; of products that, from being exotic, quickly become daily habits on the tables of increasingly demanding and sought-aftercustomers.

Consolidated partnerships throughout the world allow the Group to guarantee a constant supply of selected and selected raw materials. The great variety of our products is the direct consequence of a complex network of suppliers spread over seven continents. But it is on the Italian territory that Soleo plays a role of true protagonist of the market. Our division manages and monitors entire production chains of native products(almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios) in their respective territories of controlled and protected origin.

"Our body, like that of monkeys, is programmed for the consumption of fruit, vegetables and legumes. Think of the power of the gorilla. And yet it does not eat meat".

Dr. Umberto Veronesi